Skate UK Star - Free Skating


  • Forwards and backwards Crossovers in a figure of eight
  • Forward outside Spiral on a curve (Left and right)
  • Spin on one foot (Min 4 revs) optional entry and exit
  • Waltz jump from four- five backwards crossovers
  • Bunny hop into a Drag
  • Single Salchow
  • Spin on one foot (Min 4 revs) Entry from backwards crossovers stepping onto a forwards outside edge and landing position on exit
  • Backward Spiral on a curve (left and right)
  • Backwards Crossovers around a circle into an extended landed position held for the count of three (left and right)
  • Teapot on either foot (forwards or backwards)
  • Backwards outside one foot spin (min 1 rev)
  • Single Toe-Loop (with correct take off- not a toe three jump)
  • Spiral sequence: Forward outside Spiral, forward outside Three Turn, three backwards Crossovers, backward inside Spiral (Spirals held for 3 seconds) performed clockwise and anti- clockwise
  • A simple step sequence: Must contain Three Turns, Mohawks, Chasses, Cross rolls, Toe steps- these can be performed on any edges both forwards or backwards
  • Combination of skating movement; jumps, spins, edges in a short routine with or without music (max 1min 30sec)
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