Figure Skating

Discover figure skating at Vindico Arena, offering sessions for singles, pairs, dance, and synchronised skating. Experience the beauty and skill of each discipline on the ice with our quality ice time and expert instruction.

In figure skating, athletes develop on-ice and off-ice skills, problem-solving abilities, and resilience. They build lifelong attributes like dedication, perseverance, and commitment, which prove invaluable in achieving adult goals. This sport offers outstanding fitness, strength, and flexibility benefits.

So, how do I learn to figure skate?

Beginner Levels: 1-8.

Start with our structured Learn to Skate programme tailored for beginners of all ages. Progress through Levels 1 to 8, mastering foundational skills and gaining confidence on the ice.

Private Coaching for Personalised Guidance

Enhance your progress with private coaching sessions designed to suit your individual needs and aspirations. Our experienced coaches will provide focused instruction to refine your skating abilities.

Training Ice

Training ice provides figure skaters with dedicated ice time for practice and booking private lessons. The more time your skater spends on the ice, the greater their improvement will be.

Advancing through Skate Star: Bronze, Silver, Gold

After mastering the basics, progress through our Skate Star programme, achieving Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. Develop finesse and technique as you progress in your skating journey.

Becoming an Elite Skater

Aspire to compete? Transition in to our Elite Skater programme for advanced training aimed at preparing you for competitive skating and polished performances.

Exploring Additional Opportunities

Expand your horizons beyond the rink by joining our skating clubs, participating in development camps, and engaging in off-ice training to enhance strength and flexibility.

Ready to take the first steps towards figure skating excellence? Explore all our offerings and begin your journey with us today!

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Skaters have the freedom to explore multiple disciplines, practicing, taking lessons, testing, and competing across various areas. Figure skating welcomes participants of all ages and abilities. Discover the different disciplines available!



Singles skating is discipline where individual skaters perform routines or programs on the ice. In singles skating, athletes execute jumps, spins, footwork, and choreography set to music, showcasing technical skill, artistry, and athleticism.



Pairs skating is a discipline where teams of two skaters perform together on the ice. Pairs skating involves synchronised jumps, lifts, throws, spins, and intricate footwork, all set to music. This discipline showcases teamwork, strength, and elegance, making it a captivating and dynamic aspect of figure skating competitions



Ice dance can be singles or couples performing intricate dance routines on ice, emphasising synchronised footwork and emotional interpretation of music. It showcases the skaters' grace and connection as they interpret various dance styles.



Synchronised skating is a team discipline in figure skating where a group of skaters (typically 8 to 20) perform together on ice in formation, executing synchronised and choreographed movements. 

Synchronised skating requires precise timing, coordination, and teamwork to achieve uniformity and visual impact throughout the routine.